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Pumpkin Costume

My daughter’s nursery is having a ‘Pumpkin Party’ on the first day back after half term. They ask that they dress up in a pumpkin costume or in orange. We had neither! I couldn’t even find any orange clothes in the shops, so I set about making Ana a costume.


The look we’re going for…


I found some orange fabric 2 by 2 metres, and I already had some yellow ribbon from a Toucan Box activity. 2014-10-27 13.42.14

I cut lots and lots of strips (not as equally or tidily as I would have liked – though thankfully that was ok for this project)2014-10-27 13.42.30

And wrapped them around the ribbon with a slip knot.2014-10-27 13.42.23

Until it was long enough to go around Ana’s waist.

2014-10-30 12.48.23

I finished the ends of the ribbon with 4 Autumnal coloured wooden beads and finished with a knot.2014-10-30 12.47.12

The skirt is complete!2014-10-30 12.47.38

I made a pumpkin badge out of felt. I cut orange for the front and black for the back, eyes, and mouth. I sewed badge pins on the back and back stitched detail on the front such as lines to look more like an actual pumpkin. 2014-10-30 12.46.15

Pinned it to an orange T-shirt (which I finally found after much searching in the boy’s clothes section of BHS).2014-10-30 12.46.28 And finished off with a green juggling scarf as a headband.2014-10-30 12.48.42

And Hey Presto! A little Pumpkin girl :)


And the best part is that the T-shirt is not ruined, because the pumpkin is only a badge, and the skirt can be used for another costume. Maybe a bee??

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