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Strawberry Ice Cream

Using frozen bananas and frozen strawberries left over from the summer (the strawberries being from my mums own garden), this is my two ingredient strawberry ice cream. It went down very well with my 3 year old!

strawberry ice cream

Two Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Recipe Serves: 2 or 3

■ 1 and half cups of frozen strawberries (pre chopped in half)
■ 2 frozen bananas (pre chopped in coin shaped slices)

■ Allow the fruit to defrost a little before starting. I run mine under the hot tap for a minute or so, if I am feeling impatient.
■ Add all the frozen fruit to a bowl, jug or blender.
■ Check that the fruit is defrosted enough. If you can cut the fruit with a normal kitchen knife then you know you wont break your blender, but the fruit must still be frozen enough to make ice cream.
■ Blend the fruit together until a smooth ice creamy consistency is achieved.


I use only a hand blender and have to spoon the mixture off the sides from time to time, but it doesn’t take long and common sense will tell you when you get it right.

This can of course be done with bananas only to get banana ice cream. I haven’t tried blending frozen strawberries on their own yet. I might try that next summer.

Other options include adding some peanut butter, spices, or vanilla.

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